We offer a range of specialised workshops for all ages.

Explore acting, puppetry, theatre making and give your imagination free rein!

​Workshops We Provide


Learn how to operate a wide variety of puppets. A little attention to detail can bring so much life to your puppets. Experiment with how to give your puppets personality! How a few small movements can bring a whole new being to life!

   Building Puppets

Create your very own puppets! Learn how to build any creature you can imagine using many items you may already have about the house! Is this puppet an animal? Is it a real creature, or a mythical being? Is it a person? You decide!

   Shadow Puppetry

Have fun and learn new skills by creating your very own shadow puppets! Anything you can imagine can be a part of a shadow puppet play! We teach you the science behind how light and how shadow works in a fun and engaging way. Give your shadow puppets moving limbs or chomping jaws, flapping wings or gleaming eyes


   Play in a Day

Create a play in a day! Follow the creation of your very own production from idea to curtain call. Create your own stories, turn them into scripts, and get actors to perform! Create a new piece of theatre in a day!

   Play in a Week

Create a play in a week, while developing various skills from writing to performance. From stage management to prop making! Follow the creation of your very own production from idea to curtain call. Create your own stories, turn them into scripts, and get actors to perform! Explore different styles of performance. What will you create?!

   Drama Classes

Learn about drama by developing a wide variety of skills! Explore acting, textual analysis, and work on the pieces you want to!

Specialised workshops we have created for businesses and personal use:



The Railway Children Workshop

Join Bobbie and Perks as they tell you their story and help you embark your own railway adventure!

What a great #ShadowPuppetShow by one of

Curious Critters and how to Create Them

An interactive series of workshops where you will meet fascinating creatures from around the world both real and imagined. The wonderful adventurers will guide you on your journey where you will meet and then create your very own weird and wonderful beasts!


Zombie Survival

We will teach you everything you need to know about Zombies and how you can survive a Zombie Apocalypse! You never know: you may need this for the future! Especiallly now!!!


Toddler Time

Activities and workshops for Gambado, the UK’s ultimate indoor play and party centre!


Roaring Twenties

Create your own dinasaurs or dream up you very own!


Flower Making

Make your very own beautiful flowes and we will use them on stage in the set for our show of 'The Secret Garden' and then take them home so you can do your own show!


The Steadfast Tin Soldier Workshop

Join the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Paper Ballerina as you create your own story of love and adventure!

We love #PinkyPink the #Piglet by Poppy!

Puppet Making

A series of puppet making workshops for OKIDO!


Oz Mask Making

Before you enter the Emerald City you will need your Oz Mask with green tinted lenses! Make your mask, and sit back and enjoy the show!

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