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The Secret Garden

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Mary Lennox, is orphaned in India, and is relocated to a large country house in Yorkshire. Her formerly spoiled ways and grief are tempered by a beautiful and mysterious secret garden and the new friendships she forms. Together these friends begin healing, playing and laughing again and bask in the glory of the English countryside.


Colin Craven - Ben Frederick

Dickon - George C Francis

Martha - Kyra Jessica Willis

Mary Lennox - Halie Darling

Mr Craven/Ben Weatherstaff - Chris Barton

Mrs Medlock - Pippa Lea

(additional parts played by the cast)

Production Team

Based on the work of Frances Hodgson Burnett

Adapted by: Fielding and Francis

Director: Fielding and Francis

Poster Design: Halie Darling
Stage manager: Adeane Hardy

Production Photography

Production Teaser Trailer

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