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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Poster - Webs

Frank L. Baum’s classic tale! The colourful world and gentle humanity of Baum’s vision brought to life in a supercharged yet faithful reimagining of the classic novel! Dorothy is whisked away by a tornado, and crash-lands in the land of Oz where she meets the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion on a quest to meet the Wizard of Oz and gain their heart’s desires!



Cowardly Lion/Munchkins - Chris Barton 

Dorothy - Halie Darling

Glinda/Aunt Em/Good Witch/Guardian of the Gate/Wicked Witch - Fiona Johnston

Oz/Uncle Henry/Winged Monkey - Kyle Miley 

Scarecrow - Gemma Jennifer Lawe

Tin Man/Munckins - George C Francis

Production Team

Based on the work of L. Frank Baum
Adapted by: Fielding and Francis
Director: Fielding and Francis

Poster design: Halie Darling

Production photography: Len Fielding
Puppet maker: Emily Bestow


Production Photography


"Today I had the pleasure of seeing @AWAPrd create a mesmerising version of The Wizard of OZ @SoundbiteFest A superb cast of six actors who perfectly captured the children’s (of all ages) imaginations. If you ever get a chance to see any future shows then I thoroughly recommend."

   Audience Member

"Thanks, Halie and George, and to the rest of the cast for a very successful afternoon. It was just great to see both performances packed out. We’d be delighted to have you back next year."

   SoundBite Festival Organiser

"Looking at my child to see him fully engaged, with eyes and mouth wide open."

   Audience Member

"Sellout performance for BOTH shows - Congratulations to @AWAPrd @SoundBiteEaling"

   Audience Member

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