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Peter Pan
(The True Story)
by Captain James Hook

Saturday 18th June 2022
at The Scoop at More London

 Saturday 25th June 2022
at OPEN in Ealing

Sunday 26th June 2022
in Henderson’s Cirque de Soirée at The Big Feasty
in Walk-on-Thames


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We all know the adventures of Peter Pan, but what if we saw the story from another perspective? Captain Hook and his pirates have kidnapped Wendy! But Wendy cleverly turns her interrogation into a storytime adventure, making Hook “begrudgingly” play the part of Peter Pan. Will he get swept up in the play? Can Wendy outsmart him? Can she escape “Peter Pan: the True Story, by Captain James Hook”? Join us on this wonderful adventure to Neverland!

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Mina Murray:
Vampire Hunter

Inspired by Story of Dracula

Autumn 2022

There is a reason why you are afraid of the dark... But never fear! Mina Murray: Vampire Hunter and Doctor Abraham Van Helsing III are here to spook the spooks! This playful and imaginative take on the popular characters created by Bram Stoker will provide you with all the knowledge you need to keep those pesky ghosties and ghoulies at arm's length! Join Mina and the Doctor as they dispel the terrors of the night! You may find that you are braver than you think! 

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A Kidnapped Santa Claus copy.jpg

A Kidnapped Santa Claus

Santa Claus has been making children happy the world over! So happy, in fact, that very few misbehave any more. But the wicked Daemon has a plan to make the kids naughty again. Kidnapping Santa Claus! Can Whisk the elf free Santa and save Christmas itself? A kidnapped Santa Claus has been described as Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum's most beautiful story and will delight children and adults alike! 

Winter 2022

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Past Productions

Winter 2022


The Wind in the Willows
(The True Story)
by Rat

Summer 2022

Kenneth Grahame’s classic story in an exciting, playful production! Ratty is staging a one-rat show of his eventful life during the period documented in 'The Wind in the Willows'. Unfortunately for Rat, Toad is present and not content to remain in the audience! Creative use of props, puppets, and actors showcase the fun and adventure as well as the mysterious, intangible beauty of this masterpiece, resulting in a performance in equal parts manic and moving!

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The Dancing Elephant 
Summer - Autumn 2021

Mashudu is a young boy who lives with his grandparents. They are very poor and do not have money for much food. One day Mashudu’s grandmother becomes ill and he has no choice but to undertake a perilous journey through the jungle, meeting a whole host of predatory creatures to find the fruit to make her better. But the harsh terrain and predators are far from his only problems! A greedy elephant lives near the trees and wants all their fruit for himself. Can Mashudu get the much-needed fruit to save his grandmother? Or will the elephant take it all for himself? And can he escape the dangers lurking in the jungle? Join us on this wonderful adventure through the jungle!


The Return of
King Arthur
June 2021

Legend has it that King Arthur will return when Britain needs him the most. That time is now! Join King Arthur and the wizard Merlin as they return to the unfamiliar Britain of today, battling fearsome enemies like the steel monsters known as ‘cars’, explore the underground caves of ‘the tube’ and come face to face with the terrifying rail dragon that bears the name of the Flying Scotsman! But they soon find that this Britain is not entirely different. People still need a hero, and now Arthur must assemble his new ‘Knights of the round table’!

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The Secret Garden

Summer and Autumn 2019

Mary Lennox is orphaned in India, and is relocated to a large country house in Yorkshire. Her formerly spoiled ways and grief are tempered by a beautiful and mysterious secret garden and the new friendships she forms. Together these friends begin healing, playing and laughing again and bask in the glory of the

English countryside.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier Poster - Websi

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Christmas 2018

Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale of love, loss and redemption. A Grandfather starts telling his granddaughter the beloved tale when her imagination brings the story to life. This beauitful play clevely uses shadow puppetry and alternate endings enabling you to pick your

favourite version!

Tales of Christmas Past Poster - Website

Tales of Christmas Past

Christmas 2017

Three traditional Christmas stories! Old Father Christmas, The Night Before Christmas and A Kidnapped Santa Claus in one dramatic performance with beautiful storytelling, puppetry and Christmas cheer for

all the family!

Tarzan Jane's Storytime Adventure copy.jpg

Tarzan: Jane's Storytime Adventure
Easter 2022

Join Jane Porter, the young zoologist as she tells you the tale of how she met her wild man, Tarzan! This fun storytelling event is full of puppets, songs and adventure!

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Night on the Galactic Railroad 
Summer 2021

A brand new adaptation of Kenji Miyazawa’s classic novel Night on the Galactic Railroad! Giovanni is a young boy, whose father is away at sea, while his mother is ill at home. He is forced to work odd jobs, in order to buy food for his poor family. He has no time to study and his classmates make fun of him for being behind in his schoolwork. Only his friend Campanella is there for him. But one day Giovanni is whisked away on galactic train that takes him across the universe and beyond imagination itself! Join us for this wonderful adventure through

the stars!

The Wind in the Willows SD Immersive Wal

The Wind in the Willows

Socially Distanced

Immersive Walk

Summer 2020

A promenade production of Kenneth Grahame’s classic story in an energetic, playful and safe performance!  Showcasing the fun and adventure, as well as the mysterious, intangible beauty of this masterpiece!


Adhering to the latest government guidelines on managing the risks related to Covid-19.

The Wind in the Willows Poster - Website

The Wind in the Willows

2018 - 2019

Kenneth Grahame’s classic story in an energetic, playful and faithful production! Creative use of props and scenery, puppets and live actors showcase the fun and adventure, as well as the mysterious, intangible beauty of this masterpiece resulting in a performance in equal parts manic and moving!

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A Christmas Tail

Christmas 2018

Nissa believes in the magic of Christmas, but her Dad doesn’t, because he remembers how his own father, was always away during the Yuletide celebrations. But Nissa’s Grandad gives her the gift of a very special fox from his workshop that will bring the family together in a joyous celebration of the holidays!

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Spectres of Poe

Halloween 2017

Three of Edgar Allan Poe’s most chilling tales! The Black Cat, The Fall of The House of Usher and The Raven have been woven into a dramatic performance with eerie storytelling, puppetry and gothic frights that will fill you “with fantastic terrors

never felt before”!

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The Sloven: The Train Monster 
Halloween 2021

Stefan Grabinski’s train stories form the basis of this spooky play adapted especially for the whole family. Blazek Boron has been a train conductor for many, many years. He has become jaded with passengers making his life difficult. One night, while training a new conductor, Blazek notices an old familiar smell, like fennel. He knows this smell all too well. It signals the imminent arrival of the Sloven: the train monster made up of lost things left behind by passengers, and disaster always follows in its wake! Can Blazek convince his young recruit of the imminent danger before it is too late, and will the nervous passengers complicate matters further? What does the train monster want and can it be stopped in time? Join us for this wonderful adventure on the railway!

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Summer 2021

A brand new adaptation of Edgar Rice-Burrough’s classic novel Tarzan! The kindly ape Kala finds an orphaned human baby in the jungle and names him Tarzan. She raises him as her son, but Tarzan has no idea about his origins until newcomers to the island, including young zoologist Jane Porter, bring his human heritage to light and present him with the hardest choice of his life. Join us on a wonderful adventure celebrating the humanity of mankind and beast alike!

'twas the night before christmas

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas 2019

This enchanting classic poem is read by many families on the night before Christmas and captures the special magic of the festive season. The poem has been crafted into a dramatic performance with beautiful storytelling, puppetry and Christmas cheer for all to hear!

Amelia Earhart at the Edge of the Stars

Amelia Earhart at the

Edge of the Stars

Summer 2019

This new play tells the story of what happened after Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan disappeared! They fly into a strange electrical storm and crash land on a mysterious island where they meet Laika and Pchyolka; two strange little creatures who help our heroes begin their greatest adventure

of all!

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Poster - Webs

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Summer 2018

Frank L. Baum’s classic tale! The colourful world and gentle humanity of Baum’s vision brought to life in a supercharged yet faithful reimagining of the classic novel! Dorothy is whisked away by a tornado, and crash-lands in the land of Oz where she meets the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion on a quest to meet the Wizard of Oz and gain their heart’s desires!

and Toad!

Audience review of The Wind in the Willows

Socially Distanced Immersive Walk:

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