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Finding Fossils and
Seaside Stories

8th and 9th June 2024
at Fossil Festival

Meet Mary and her little dog Tray at the museum where they used to live! Mary is delighted to welcome you to her home! She is excited to show you her brand new plesiosaurus (it turns 200 this year) as well as some of her other discoveries too. She wants to tell you all about her life and what an amazing time it is for science. Today is going to be a busy day! Mary is expecting a very important customer, and her friend Miss Philpot might even pop by. Mary can’t wait to take you to the beach! You will see the famous statue, and you can begin your own journey of discovery!


Peter Pan
(The True Story)
by Captain James Hook

June 2024
at Barnes Children’s Literature Festival

We all know the adventures of Peter Pan, but what if we saw the story from another perspective? Captain Hook and his pirates have kidnapped Wendy! But Wendy cleverly turns her interrogation into a storytime adventure, making Hook “begrudgingly” play the part of Peter Pan. Will he get swept up in the play? Can Wendy outsmart him? Can she escape “Peter Pan: the True Story, by Captain James Hook”? Join us on this wonderful adventure to Neverland!


The Wind in the Willows
(The True Story)
by Rat and Toad

Thursday 25 July 2024
at Summer by the River

Kenneth Grahame’s classic story in an exciting, playful production! Ratty is staging a one-rat show of his eventful life during the period documented in 'The Wind in the Willows'. Unfortunately for Rat, Toad is present and not content to remain in the audience! Creative use of props, puppets, and actors showcase the fun and adventure as well as the mysterious, intangible beauty of this masterpiece, resulting in a performance in equal parts manic and moving!

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