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Mary Anning and the Sands of Time

Join Mary Anning and her little dog Tray on this wonderful adventure of science and discovery! Mary made her first major discovery when she was just 12 years old and became one of the great British pioneers of fossil hunting! She made discoveries that transformed science as well as our understanding of the natural world! Live actors and prehistoric puppetry bring the Jurassic world to life again! Meet Ammonites, Pterosaurs and Ichthyosaurs and help Mary and Tray uncover amazing creatures from another time! A world of prehistoric life right beneath your feet will appear before your eyes!



Mary Anning - Fiona Johnston

Tray (Puppet)- Halie Darling

Father - George C Francis

Mrs Philpot - Halie Darling

Ammonite (Puppet) - Halie Darling

Ichthyosaur (Puppet) - George C Francis

George Cuvier - George C Francis

Dimorphodon (Puppet) - Halie Darling

(additional parts played by the cast)

Production Team

Written by: Fielding and Francis

Director: Fielding and Francis

Poster design: Halie Darling

Production Photography


"It’s a great show! I took my 7 years old daughter to watch the show and her school friend and the mum. We loved it. It was encouraging and touching, full of stories. It’s not just for kids, it’s also for adults to enjoy. There were a lot of laughing and some tears too. 40 mins is perfect for young kids. And you can interact with the performers after the show. Highly recommended!"
Claire, Mother


"An imaginative and captivating storytelling of Mary Anning. It was fun-filled from start to finish and loved how  facts were cleverly woven in throughout the play. It didn't linger on the sad parts but tackled it in a respectful age appropriate way. Meet and greet at the end was great, as the cast were very knowledgeable about Mary Anning and Palaeontology. Loved it!"

Abigail - Age 8

"We thought it was wonderful! Very engaging and loved how Mary was portrayed. She had different sides of her personality shown, resilient, imaginative, creative , intelligent etc. Often when we look for inspiration in these amazing women in books they tend to only focus on one thing ..but the play brought out all aspects of what made Mary Anning so amazing. And that is a great thing for kids to be able to see and relate to."

Abigail's Mother

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