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Mina Murray: Vampire Hunter (Marauding Monsters)

Mina Murray Vampire Hunter Marauding Monsters copy.jpg

There is a reason why you are afraid of the dark... But never fear! Mina Murray: Vampire Hunter and Doctor Abraham Van Helsing V are here, to spook the spooks... but they need your help! Join Mina and the Doctor on this immersive journey, where you will encounter a myriad of marauding monsters! Are you brave enough to encounter the Ghost, or join the Pirates crew? Learn science from Doctor Jekyll, but be careful of Mr Hyde! Dance with a witch and face off against the most powerful vampire of all: Dracula! Can you prevent him from coming through to our time? You may find that you are braver than you think! 


Dr Van Helsing V - George C Francis

Patrick (Puppet) - Halie Darling

Owlbert (Puppet) - Halie Darling

Mina Murray - Halie Darling

Henry Every the Pirate King - Mark Hunter

Kevin - Moneer Elmasseek

Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde - Oli Yellop

The White Lady - Colleen Rose Curran

Jenny Bingham the witch - Racheal Caulton

Production Team

Based on the characters of Bram Stoker

and Robert Louis Stevenson

Written by: Fielding and Francis

Director: Fielding and Francis

Poster design: Halie Darling

Production Photography

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