Bespoke Adventures

Anything you can dream, given life by our imaginations!

Together we will create A Wonderful Adventure!

World Literacy Day

A special collection of literature from around the world in celebration of Worlds Literature Day!

75th VE Day

A specialised film made for 75th VE day!

The Avenue Vintage Markets

Characters appearances to the Avenue Vintage Markets!

Madcap Magic

A magical treasure hunt with clues, riddles and activities!

Puppets Making

A series of puppet making workshops for Okido!

Toddler Time

A series of 12 children’s playlets followed by activities for Gambado, the UK’s ultimate indoor play and party centre!

Zombie Apocalypse

A 'dead' good proposal!

Animal Antics

Help the animals from all over the world to solve

the riddles!

Playground Plays

Bringing plays... to playgrounds! Climbing frames can become castles, setting the children's imaginations free!

Mischevious Monkey

A specialised show created for the graduation ceremony of Highbury Monkey Puzzle

Day Nurseries!

Witching Hour

Haunting the London Burrough of Ealing for a spook-tacular Halloween! 

Police Academy

Can you find the clues to solve the crime and

catch the robbers?


Bringing Cupid's arrows to the customers of

Virgin Atlantic!

Virtual Safari

Join the exlorers who will take you on a safari safety of your own home!

Sylvan Land

Help the magical fairy save the woodland creatures!

Create your own Bespoke Adventure!