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Alice in Wonderland.jpg

Alice in the Wonderland of IKEA!

Join Alice as she explores the wonderland of IKEA with spellbinding stories and rambunctious riddles! Be like the White Rabbit and don’t be late!


Christmas Photoshoot for King's Cross 

A Christmas-themed photoshoot featuring Father Christmas and his chief elf in the spectacular 'Temenos' and 'Prism' winter art installations at King's Cross! 

Storytime Christmas 2021.jpg

Storytime with Santa in Haringey's Libraries

Father Christmas is coming to town and he can't wait to meet you! He will read a special Christmas story to get you in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas 2021.jpg

Christmas in Haringey 2021

Join Father Christmas, his chief elf, the local Mayor (Councillor Adam Jogee) and surprise celebrity guests for a series of light switch-ons all over Haringey! Make sure you meet Father Christmas and his elf for your special present and maybe even a storytime!


Elf on a Flatpack Shelf

Mischievous elves are helping prepare for the holidays at Ikea!  Can spot them hiding?

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Trick or Treat

Excerpts from well-known classic horror! Each performance has three scary scenes after which, the audience guess the terrifying tale! Audience members might win a special treat... or is it a trick?​ 


Superhero Academy

Find out how to be your very own superhero! Learn the skills to gain strength, speed, and agility! You might just find that you already have the most important superpower of all!  


Christmas Grotto at Pickled Pepper 2020

A Christmas grotto at Pickled Pepper that allowed families to travel all the way from North London to the

North Pole! 

VE Day 75th copy.jpg

75th VE Day

A specialised film made for 75th VE day!


The Avenue Vintage Markets

Character appearances at the Avenue Vintage Markets!


Madcap Magic

A Magical treasure hunt with clues, riddles and activities!

Monkey Puzzle.png

Mischievous Monkey

A specialised show created for the graduation ceremony of Highbury Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries!


Dinosaur Egg Trail

There has been a bit of a mix-up! The Easter Bunny has left Dinosaur Eggs in Ealing not Easter Eggs! Which means Dinosaurs are roaming freely around Ealing! Are you brave enough to meet a Raptor or come face to face with a Tyrannosaurus? Would you stroke a baby dinosaur?

Virtual Grotto 2021.PNG

Virtual Grotto 2021

A virtual grotto for those who had to 'elf-isolate! Join us for this wonderful Christmas adventure where you, Gingersnap the elf and Father Christmas save the holiday itself! 

hot air boll.jpg

Christmas Photoshoot for Make it Ealing

A festive photoshoot for Make it Ealing featuring magical light sculptures, including the Christmas throne, the magical hot air balloon, the splendid Christmas tree, and their bear mascot!

LFB Christmas.jpg

Christmas Cheer  In West Ealing

Nissa the elf and Father  Christmas bring cheer in West Ealing! 


The Circus Comes to IKEA

Join the Ringmasters for a circus featuring Ikea's iconic range of stuffed toys (and their 'amazing animal skills')! The circus has come to Ikea!

Spook Spookers 3_edited.jpg

The Spook Spookers

Help The Spook Spookers: Mina Murray the Vampire Hunter and Doctor Van Helsing III track all the ghouls hiding in IKEA! They are on a mission to spook the spooks!

Bring Colour to the High Street.jpg

Bring Colour to the
High Street

Bringing a splash of color to the high street with striking costumes and lively puppets!  

Toddler Time.jpg

Toddler Time

A series of 12 children's playlets followed by activities for Gambado, the UK's ultimate indoor play and party center!

Had an epic day battling Zombies! Helpin

Zombie Apocalypse

A 'dead' good proposal!


Animal Antics

Help the animals from all over the world to solve the riddles!

#PlaygroundPlay of #TheWindInTheWillows

Playground Plays

Bringing plays... to playgrounds! Climbing frames can become castles, setting the children's imaginations free!


Sylvan Land

Help the magical fairy save the woodland creatures!


Teddy Bears' Picnic!

Mole has been busy spring cleaning, however, Rat has invited everyone along for a teddy bears’ picnic! Join Rat and Mole from “The Wind in the Willows” for a wonderful adventure at IKEA Lakeside!

Santa Storytime.JPG

Storytime with Santa at Pickled Pepper 2021

Father Christmas is coming to the Culture Palace!

Join him for a magical storytime at our enchanting Christmas Grotto! Santa will be reading a very special Christmas story, hearing your Christmas wishes, and giving every child who attends a  Christmas present! 

Grotto PP 2201.jpg

Christmas Grotto at Pickled Pepper 2021

Gingersnap needs your help to create enough cheer to keep the gateway open, so that father Christmas can get through! Join us for this wonderful Christmas adventure where you get to meet Father Christmas and save Christmas itself! 

West Ealing Photoshoot.jpg

Christmas Photoshoot for  In West Ealing

A festive photoshoot featuring Father Christmas and his chief elf with the spectacular Christmas trees of West Ealing as the backdrop!


IKEA Lakside
25th Birthday

The explorers are here to educate us all about Ikea's stuffed animal toys! A real animal extravaganza in honor of Ikea Lakeside's 25th anniversary!


and Play

A performance of excerpts from well-known children’s literature taking place with the buzz of The Broadway setting the scene.

Don’t miss out on the fun at #WestEaling

World Literacy Day

A special collection of literature from around the world in celebration of World Literature Day!

A Witch, a Vampire and a Werewolf walk i

Witching Hour

Haunting the London Burrough of Ealing for a spook-tacular Halloween!


Police Academy

Can you find the clues to solve the crime and catch the robbers?

Flying to #NewYorkNewYork via _virginatl


Bringing Cupid's arrows to the customers of Virgin Atlantic!


Virtual Safari

Join the explorers who will take you on a safari from the safety of your own home! 

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