Spectres of Poe

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Three of Edgar Allan Poe’s most chilling tales! The Black Cat, The Fall of The House of Usher and The Raven have been woven into a dramatic performance with eerie storytelling, puppetry and gothic frights that will fill you “with fantastic terrors never felt before”!


The Black Cat

Edgar: George C Francis

Emily: Halie Darling

The Black Cat: Aren Johnston

The Fall of the House of Usher

Madeline: Halie Darling

Phillip: Aren Johnston

Roderick: George C Francis

The Raven

Edgar: George C Francis

Lenore: Halie Darling

The Raven: Aren Johnston

Production Team

Based on the work of Edgar Allan Poe
Adapted by: Fielding and Francis
Director: Fielding and Francis
Music: Paul Thompson

Poster design: Halie Darling

Production photography: Halie Darling
Puppet maker: George C Francis

Production Photography