Night on the Galactic Railroad

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A brand new adaptation of Kenji Miyazawa’s classic novel Night on the Galactic Railroad! Giovanni is a young boy, whose father is away at sea, while his mother is ill at home. He is forced to work odd jobs, in order to buy food for his poor family. He has no time to study and his classmates make fun of him for being behind in his schoolwork. Only his friend Campanella is there for him. But one day Giovanni is whisked away on galactic train that takes him across the universe and beyond imagination itself! Join us for this wonderful adventure through the stars!


Campanella - Aren Johnston

Giovanni - Halie Darling

Conductor/Bird Catcher - George C Francis

(additional parts played by the cast)

Production Team

Written by: Fielding and Francis

Director: Fielding and Francis

Poster design: Halie Darling

Production Photography